We develop projects and products in order to make the right decision in primary health care centers.

Amatis develops projects and products in order to make the right decision in primary health care centers.

Due to the increase in the density of the health system in Europe and the lack of access to authorized health institutions, there are problems on the side of the patients and the system.

With its knowledge in the health sector and its experience in the software world, Amatis developsand modernizes Telehealth software for the world's leading healthcare companies. Hartis, one of the important companies in the Netherlands about ECG solutions,has established artificial intelligence support decision systems in line with the needs of the company that provides Telehealth services in the interpretation of ECG reports with its doctors and cardiologists.

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We enable all doctors who use the doctor's communication program in the Netherlands ZorgDomein to communicate using the Telehealth application we developed together with Hartis. Thus, we ensured that all patients who have difficulty in accessing health institutions receive quality treatment from wherever they are.

When the holter device given to the patient by the doctor in the health center is brought back to the health center after being used by the patient, the data is sent to Fysiologic. Here, after the necessary analyzes are completed, the ECG Analysis report is sent to the system of the cardiologists in Hartis. After the evaluation and diagnosis of the cardiologist, all the information is sent back to the health center and theright health service is provided.

With the telehealth system, which was developed in line with the increasing demands, a contribution was made to the Dutch health system and savings were achieved in terms of time and money. Let's prepare you for the world of the future with special telehealth solutions for your company by using the valuable experience of Amatis.

“Amatis is changing our business with all sorts of new technics. With their end-to-end solutions, we can offer our customers a better product and reduce our production time. We are back in the top-notch medical systems with the AI and ML algorithms incorporated in our analysis software.”

Robert Den Engelsman

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