Our transportation and logistic solutions

Increase the productivity of your business, upgrade the user experience of your customers and promote product perception across the newest digital channels with Amatis.

Fleet management and operations

Effective fleet management reduces fuel costs, optimizes routes and increases productivity. Amatis keeps your fleet in top shape! 

Field Workforce

Field service management by Amatis includes many different structures from communication to energy and production.

Warehouse and shipment operations

Amatis optimize all warehouse processes and assures every shipment arrives on time and every truck is carrying a full load.

Comprehensive custom reports

Improve business visibility with in-depth, data-driven insights in near-real-time reports created by Amatis for your business. 

Vendors and contractor management

From inventory tracking to payment management, Amatis streamlines your relationships with vendors and contractors. 

Team of experts

Delivering highly scalable, secure, and reliable digital solutions that streamline processes and increase efficiencies. Amatis team provides a perfect combination of technical skills, experience, and knowledge.

Advanced technologies for your solution


Amatis blockchain technology facilitates processes of recording transactions and tracking assets, reducing risk and cutting costs for your business.


Amatis offers a comprehensive and worldwide cloud infrastructure for all businesses including existing corporate workloads and data platforms.

Big Data

Amatis provides you with operational efficiency with Big Data and analytics that help build intelligent solutions for data-driven businesses. 

Machine learning

Amatis develops decision support systems and provides AI application, and software modernization services with AI algorithms, machine learning, and deep learning methods. 

Why partnering with Amatis?

Since 2001, Amatis Development has been providing high technology solutions to customers in the public and private sectors globally. With its extensive experience and dynamic young team, Amatis Development has established itself as a leader in the industry.

  • Active internationally for over 20 years
  • Broad knowledge and experience in the field of IT
  • Values long-term partnership
  • Flexible and entrepreneurial
Years of experience
Experts on board
Successfull projects

Custom solutions for sectors

Delivering highly scalable, secure and reliable digital solutions that streamline processes and increase efficiencies, Amatis provides perfect combination of technical skill and knowledge.

We deliver innovations for

International transport companies

Cargo Transportation Services Providers

Logistics Companies

Digital logistics companies

Freight Forwarders Companies

Foreign trade companies

“Amatis is changing our business with all sorts of new technics. With their end-to-end solutions, we can offer our customers a better product and reduce our production time. We are back in the top-notch medical systems with the AI and ML algorithms incorporated in our analysis software.”

Robert Den Engelsman

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