AI based  ECG-Analysis

Decision support software used in the diagnosis and detection of diseases with artificial intelligence supported ECG analysis solutions.

ECG analysis is a time-consuming process and a fact that increases the work load and margin of error of analysts. ECG Analysis, which was developed to prevent disruptions in the health system and to conclude the ECG report quickly and accurately with the support of artificial intelligence, has been a game-changing innovation in the health system.

‍Our experienced partner Fysiologic is a medical technology company specialising in ECG diagnostics and applying all its knowledge and expertise to detecting arrhythmias as early and accurately as possible. Combined with 45 years of knowledge and Amatis' experience in the software world, we have created a project that changes ECG analysis worldwide.

With the AI algorithms, machine learning and deep learning methods we have developed, it has been ensured that ECG analyzes are concluded in a much shorter time, that the analysts provide an opportunity for accurate diagnosis and direct thepatient to the right healthcare institution.

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    12 months
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How we developed the project that will lead to great change in the health sector?

ECG Analysis platform is an AI-supported web-based software application that provides means to analyze an ECG recording digitally. After millions of data processed, artificial intelligence learns to follow the ECG electrical current and detects the upper and lower points of the heart rate data and averages it. It detects the rhythm disorder, disables the erroneous information and finalizes the report in a short time. Thus, by using artificial intelligence, decision support system is benefited.

The main functions of the systemare as follows:

  • ECG preview screens
  • Detection of QRS complexes with AI
  • QRS complexes classification into families
  • Sort arrhythmia findings into specific ECG strip
  • Tools to navigate through arrhythmia findings
  • Tools to create a preliminary report
  • Tools to add/remove strips into the report
  • Diary module to match daily activities of patients with ECG strips
  • Trend diagrams to assist analysts

“What I like in working with Amatis is the combination of their experience, passion, expertise  (in Healthcare IT), and nice personalities. The team completes everything on time, communicates effectively, and went above and beyond so far..”

Saskia van den Dool
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