Flow cytometry

Analyzes raw data in a short time with our artificial intelligence supported solutions.

Flow cytometry Analyzes raw data in a short time with our artificial intelligence supported solutions.

Multi-parameter flow cytometry is apowerful analytical tool, enabling rapid measurement of physical and chemicalcharacteristics of individual cells. Examples of clinical applications of flowcytometry analysis are the measurement of minimal residual disease (MRD) inleukemia, inflammatory disease and the effect of biologicals.

While flow cytometry has become moreadvanced, the interpretation of information is still complicated and timeconsuming for clinicians, technicians and researchers. The complex dataproduced is still analyzed by hand, which makes interpretation of theinformation complicated for technicians, clinicians and researchers. Patternrecognition requires experienced people and interpretation is time-consumingand human error sensitive.

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Amatis Flow View Cytometer analysissoftware presents the results to the technician in simplified 2D images,showing all the cell populations. Interpretation can thus be done by lessexperienced people, in less time and more accurate. More importantly, theincreased precision means that the number of false negatives can be reduced.

Amatis Flow View Cytometer analysissoftware utilizes state of the art AI technologies to detect MRD more precisely(processing 8M cells in one go) and much faster (2 minutes versus >15minutes expert analysis). The algorithm, developed by Researchers andclinicians from UMC Utrecht and Radboud University, uses raw data from a flowcytometry machine and analyses each cell which differs compared to thepatient’s prior analysis.

“What I like in working with Amatis is the combination of their experience, passion, expertise  (in Healthcare IT), and nice personalities. The team completes everything on time, communicates effectively, and went above and beyond so far..”

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