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What is a Business Analyst? Roles of BA | Job Responsibility

     Business analysts work with companies to help to improve their processes and systems by identifying business needs and issues. This may include creating or developing new systems, improving processes, and strategy planning. Business analysts lead or participate in projects from extracting to documenting design specifications, to working with the project team during the development of the solution.

A business analyst is normally known as the link between the business and its IT department as they need to come up with technical solutions to help improve the business’s needs. Due to the technical elements of the role, business analysts are required to have a variety of technical and soft skills.

Business Analyst skills are;

  • Analytical and research skills are essential for business analysts to help them identify and understand the real problems facing a company.
  • To have critical thinking skills as a business analyst, they must ensure that they know other departments in the business.
  • It is clear from business analysts' responsibilities that they need problem-solving skills to recommend solutions to any issues.
  • A great business analyst needs to be a great communicator because he/she is required to attend meetings, interviews, and discussions to help understand a company’s requirements.
  • Additionally, the role of the business analyst requires a detail-oriented person.

Business analysts engage in 4 main types of analysis;

  • Strategic planning - identifying changing needs of a company
  • Business model analysis - defining policies and market approaches
  • Process design - standardizing workflows
  • Systems analysis - interpretation of requirements for the IT department

Which job is more stressful: Software Developer or Business analyst?

     A software developer is considered as more stressed because of the all codes that required the usage of technical language which needs technical skills very well and a business analyst is assumed that on the functional side. This business analyst role leads to a lot of responsibility. A business analyst needs to have well-defined knowledge of all the areas so that he can gather the requirements correctly. Because to gather the requirements one should know the current system/product.

Stress is not an objective thing so it doesn't matter to be a Software Developer or Business Analyst. It differs from person to person based on how they perceive it.

The simple truth is; If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life ‘Marc Anthony’ and

Nothing is stressful for the employee when doing a job with their passion, and ambition.