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Nowadays, it is obvious that huge amount of available technologies makes it difficult to keep updated yourself. Some of the technologies getting old and newers stand in. In that point you may need to switch to more efficient or trendy one. Or you may be the one who know what they want to do but don't know where to start.

      Wouldn't it perfect to have a guidemap resource for experienced developers and especially newcomers to the Hello World? So, we are pretty lucky about it. Ahmed Kamran is the guy who publishing developer roadmaps annually for years. He started with back-end and front-end developer roadmaps, but later on he went from strenght to strenght with the community of roadmap.sh. People who want to shares their knowledge can contribute freely. 
Currently available roadmaps are like below:
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • DevOps
  • Android
  • PostgreSQL DBA
  • React
  • QA Engineer(Upcoming)
       Those roadmaps are pretty simple and understandable even you are zero. Everything you need to learn is shown step by step. Each roadmaps start point is about fundamentals of topic and it last with related technologies that you need to know.
There are personal recommendations, alternative options, not compulsories but good to knows and personally not recommendeds annotated. Those annotations actually leads you and to become lost is getting harder. After all, you just need to work hard to become what you want. I always found those roadmaps very helpful. It let me to see what i need to learn when i was student. Now, i still following those roadmaps to see variaties and trend.
       If you follow the path, you fulfill yourself with as most as proper technologies. And lastly, do not miss the last node. Keep Learning...