Single Page Application (SPA) and Vue.js

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Single Page Application is a web application in which the routing process is done on the client-side by JavaScript rather than the backend. By running a single index.js file, the pages are changed and displayed to the user with the help of components and router.

Before this method, the requested page was returned from the server and reflected on the screen. The disadvantage here is that the entire page is displayed more slowly during the transition between pages.

For this reason, certain parts of the page were changed with AJAX technology, but the routing process was sent to the server.

Javascript frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular allow us to develop projects with higher performance by working with SPA logic. Although it has benefits in terms of speed, user experience, debugging, caching, it also has disadvantages in terms of SEO and security. But for these disadvantages, frameworks such as Vue -> Nuxt.js, React -> Next.js have been developed on the SEO side.

There are many articles and discussions about Angular - React - Vue on which to choose. It is seen that Vue.js is preferred for teams who have mastered HTML + CSS + AJAX technologies due to its easy learning and easy integration into the project. Another reason for its performance is that it uses Virtual DOM. Virtual DOM inspects the browser DOM when changes are detected, ensuring that the changed part is updated.

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