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After a short time from my graduation, I really wanted to do the job that I loved "coding", and I found myself in Amatis's Young Talent program. I was one of the candidates. We were 4 young developers who want to get success! We took courses from Senior Developers about Javascript, Angular Framework, .NETCore, Entitiy Frameworkcore. Courses were really great and improved us too much. Then the race began! Young Talent Program was about to choose and improve the skilled young developers. We started to work on the same project separated.

I was really want to be a success, so I worked hard for nights and weeks. The assessment day has come after one month.

I was one of two successful people, and Amatis offered me to work here, of course, I accepted it! I started working at Amatis as a Fullstack Developer.
The other Developer is Doğukan MUTLU, he is really good at Backend Development. We created a SaaS Car Service Management project together even though we didn't know what SaaS is?
We learned and improved ourselves and developed a project which works perfectly well.

Working somewhere is very important, you have many opportunities to learn many things.
But there is something more important than everything

 "Work hard in silence let success make the noise".

You can see the blog Doğukan MUTLU wrote about SaaS.