Telehealth Technologies During Covid-19

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Telehealth is the term that using both communication systems and digital technologies to provide health care from distance. The system involves telemedicine, e-health, e-medicine, virtual appointments, store and forward methods. People can receive telemedicine services 24/7 from anywhere. Telehealth is used to screen for corona symptoms and evaluate patients. The system helps to decide patients who need to be hospitalized or who can be managed at home.

Telehealth systems are used for detecting people who contact with an infectious person with mobile app. It helps to decide who need to be in quarantine and reduce overcrowding in the hospitals. One medical staff enters the patient room who is hospitalized with Covid-19 and staff can consult other medical team through telehealth and evaluate the situation. Telemedicine is also used for treatment of anxiety, sleep disorders and etc., which appear on during pandemic. In addition to all of that, telehealth technologies are used for online training about Covid-19 for healthcare workers.