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We can define human resources management as a 'human' discipline.
Our main goals are;
  • Using human resources in Amatis in the most effective and efficient way,
  • Selecting people who have the knowledge, skills, and abilities required by the job and placing them in the most suitable unit or departments,
  • Evaluating the performance of employees in accordance with international principles and standards and to ensure that they are promoted according to their performance,
  • Appreciating and motivate employees, to eliminate the factors that break their motivation,
  • Trying to be fair in the organization of wages and financial incentives.
Planning and Business Analysis;
To plan the human resources that Amatis needs. At this stage, the demand for human resources is determined according to the nature of the job. A job description is created for the required positions.
Advertisements are made in line with job descriptions and cooperation is made with educational institutions and different organizations.
Selection and placement;
  • CV analysis
  • Pre-interview (Basic knowledge and experience, required skills, graduation, foreign language)
  • Meeting with Human Resources (Basic competencies, foreign language, responsibility, goodwill, honesty, openness to learning, result-oriented, stress management ...)
  • Project + technical interview (project managers, team leaders ...)
  • Meet the team
  • Offer, recruitment
  • Orientation
To be honest, apart from the technique of the job that we attach most importance to, the moral values ​​and goodwill of the human (employee or candidate) are prioritized at Amatis.
In fact, I would like to continue with a sincere article that I would like to talk about Amatis structures rather than the kitchen of the work...
Amatis is a company where investment in human beings, as well as product and service quality, are valuable.
In addition to the corporate structure, creating more sincere structures is just one of our goals.
As human resources, we prefer to be positive, open, and constructive.
We provide valuable solutions by providing objective feedback to our employees.
What do we do differently as Amatis human resources?
We love people and we aim to work with well-meaning people. We argue that being a family is as important as institutionalization in the company.
We are inspired by the power of unity and togetherness. We take action and we always work for the best.
For example;
  • We make our world beautiful by planting trees on our birthdays.
  • We make unifying organizations. Happy hour, meals, parties, picnics, and more...
  • We continuously strengthen our internal and external trainings. We discuss a new topic every month. We organize foreign language speaking activities. We pay an annual support training fee for each employee.
  • We organize camps and train both our employees and talented students who want to work with us.
  • We evaluate performance and give rewards to ensure high motivation.
  • We offer incentives.
  • We create project proposal mechanisms.
  • Besides these; We prepare conference notices, blog posts, and videos.
As a result, we can say that Amatis is an organization that likes to invest in its employees and values ​​people and that its human resources work diligently in order not to disrupt these structures.