How to Make Better Applications with ASP.NET Core?

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How to Make Better Applications with ASP.NET Core?

- With Cross-Platform Support and Container Support

With .Net core, you can deploy applications designed on Windows, Linux, and macOS.Containers are more popular than cloud technologies these days.Docker, Kubernetes are in more demand than other technologies.ASP.Net Core also enables developers to benefit from all these new technologies.


- High Performance

Performance is a crucial feature for software. .Net Core is the 7th highest framework. With the advent of .Net Core and Kestrel web services, ASP.NET started to be mentioned as the fastest web application framework in existence. The technology that supports ASP.NET integrated pipeline and IIS almost fifteen years old now. It did everything he could and faced too many issues. The new Kestrel web server has been completely renewed so that it can work with asynchronous programming models, lighter and faster.

- Asynchronous Transactions with Async-Await

ASP.NET has great support for using asynchronous programming applications. Async is used in all common .NET framework classes and 3rd party libraries. Modern applications generally spend most of their time and CPU cycles waiting to complete database queries, web service searches, and other I / O operations. The widespread use of asynchronous patterns makes ASP.NET Core faster.

- Unified MVC and Web API Frameworks

Developers were using MVC and WEB API frameworks before ASP.NET. ASP.NET Core

, MVC and WEB API are combined. It was a good move to make them unify and make it easier to develop.

- Dependency Injection

One of the newest features of ASP.NET Core is ready-made dependency injection. It is used extensively in ASP.NET MVC itself. It is the preferred way to pass things like login contexts, database contexts, and other things to your MVC controllers.

-WebSockets and SignalR

ASP.NET has first-class support for WebSockets. It makes connections with the browser all the time and for maintaining long-term connections. SignalR is a framework that can easily manage common scenarios.

- Cross-Site Request Fraud (CSRF) Protection

Security is important. Preventing certain types of attacks at the same time can do a lot of work.CSRF means hijacking users' sessions to perform an action that they didn't initiate themselves. ASP.NET framework is suitable for preventing attacks. It creates marks for anti-forgery.

- “Self-hosted” Web Applications

Sometimes you have to make a web application that must be deployed to the desktop. The prefix is a great example of this issue. It leaves the HTML loaded from the ASP.NET application running as Frontend's Windows service. You can use a standard Kestrel Web server with ASP.NET Core. It is one of the great advantages of NET. Core is that your web application is also a console application.

-Expandable Output Cache

This specifically enables ASP.NET to cache the output generated by a page and serve that cached content for future requests. It stores data that is not updated frequently and extracts this data from a cached location.

-Globalization and Localization

ASP.NET makes it easier to localize dates, numbers, and text in your web application. If you want to apply to be used worldwide, localization must be important for you. ASP.NET allows your application to be customized for multiple languages via resource files. These resource files are considered the central repository where all text is kept, and web pages can read the source file and place documents.

-Swagger OpenAPI

If you are building API applications you may want to use Swagger because with Swagger it is easier to document your APIs and easier to test.