Chatbots in Healthcare

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Chatbots are artificial intelligence programs for communicating with patients by generating text or computer voices that can generate information. Chatbots provides scalability, 24/7 assistance, automated data, real-time updates, preliminary treatments, diagnosis, recommendations, reducing missed appointments, enhance patient access, improve patient engagement and schedule medical appointments. They provide personalized healthcare information and patient-centered care. Chatbots can suggest to patient online conversation with doctor instead of visiting doctor. They reduce workload of medical staff and time waste.

Chatbots are informative, conversational and prescriptive. Informative chatbots provide automated information. Conversational chatbots provide responses according to patient. Prescriptive chatbots answer questions and offer therapeutic solutions. Chatbots reduce unnecessary treatments, hospital visits and hospitalizations. Medical staff monitor patient satisfaction and collect feedback from patients for gaining insights. Chatbots evaluate effectiveness of treatments. Types of chatbots are hospital appointment chatbots, clinical chatbots and nurse chatbots. Chatbots narrow down causes behind the patients’ symptoms. They provide more consistently and precisely diagnosis.