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.NET core is a general purpose development platform maintained by Microsoft and the .NET community on GitHub. It is cross-platform, supporting Windows, macOS and Linux, and can be used in device, cloud, and embedded/IoT scenarios.

You can create .NET apps for many operating systems, including:

•            Windows

•            Mac OS

•            Linux

•            Android

•            iOS

•            tvOS

•            watchOS

ASP.Net Core was designed from the ground up, unifying both the MVC and WebAPI frameworks. It has removed the dependency on IIS, removed several other excess baggage, including a preload of third party libraries, and as a result, it is much more lightweight and fast, gaining performance along the way.

It starts all the way from the tooling available to be able to develop ASP.Net Core applications using Visual Studio, or Visual Studio Code on either Windows or Mac operating systems, even on Linux.

One of the biggest changes to ever happen to .NET core was the open sourcing of the code. Even if you don’t contribute to the source code, you benefit from the huge community that is. Problems and improvements are quickly discussed, coded, and released for you to use on a regular basis. Gone are the days of waiting years in between releases for major improvements or minor bug fixes.

You can participate in weekly live shows organized by the .NET team on Twitch and YouTube. These are casual conversations about what's happening across .NET, full of community content, demos, and live Q&A.

You can make a quick introduction to the dotnet core world from the link below.