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Amatis Young Talent Program 

The Amatis Young Talent Program is the process which graduate and undergraduate students improve themselves with senior developers in a friendly environment.

This program lasts a month. A frontend and a backend senior developer mentor us through all process and at the end of the program, selected young talents are eligible to join this amazing team!

Why the Amatis Young Talent Program?

We develop a real-life project. Everything that is taught is current topics that are used or will be used in the sector. You will learn subjects and gain experience in the practice that you cannot learn with your own efforts. You will go beyond knowing concepts such as Scrum theoretically and use workflow programs such as Jira.

Developing a real life project where you can get used to business life with the help of excellent mentors who can always answer your questions is an invaluable opportunity for your career. If you make good use of this opportunity, you can find a place in this great team!

How was the process? What did we learn?

First day passed with basic education. “Introduction of the project, explaining the microservice architecture and explaining that what Jira is” were the first day’s topics.

On the next few days, we started the project. Our mentors examined the project that we did for each day. They told us our missing parts and what we should do.

On the other days that we didn’t come to the office, we met with our team in virtual environment and continued doing our tasks. Also on these days, we could easily have answers to the questions that we had asked our mentors.

We moved on to practice from theoretical education as the program progressed.

About Mentoring:

Our mentors helped us even after office hours, they answered our questions without thinking about time. They didn’t tell us what is true, they taught us how to find what is true.

Correct planning, seeing the big picture, and finding the missing parts of the project we set up in our brains are the points that they helped us with. I enjoyed this part most.

They contributed a lot to me about how to think better and more professionally.


The Amatis Young-Talent Programme Brings You:

• Adaptation to business life

• Team work

• Sense of responsibility

• Self-discipline and self-motivation

• Thinking practical solutions

If you also want to take place in this brilliant team, we expect you to the Amatis Young Talent Program!